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We make our clients happy by improving multichannel customer experience and by enhancing business processes. It’s Logical.

In need of a CX solution?

  • Do you struggle with the volume of incoming customer enquiries?
  • Do you work from a shared inbox?
  • Is this affecting your productivity or customer experience?
  • Do you need to organise, prioritise and streamline your workflow but don’t know where to start?

Let us help

We work with a wide range of UK and international companies, helping them by improving multichannel customer experience. We offer a smart, efficient cloud – hosted customer service solution to enable customers to manage their inbound email and social media interactions in one place.   By streamlining workflows and automating processes, we could help save you valuable time and money by reducing the amount of effort and resource required to process customer enquiries. Logicalware is passionate about working closely with clients and this is what makes us stand out from the crowd. Through consultation and close collaboration we can successfully integrate our product to meet with your business needs.

Who we work with

For Spark, the deployment of the Logicalware software has massively improved our capacity to handle and process meter readings. Great service!
The use of the system is now second nature to all and the only regrets are that we should have considered Logicalware years ago.
Logicalware provides us with the tools to assess and improve insurance handlers’ productivity, ensuring it remains high and consistent throughout the business
We’ve built a strong rapport with Logicalware. We work closely to ensure our use of the software is fully optimised.

See how our product is improving Customer Experience in major industries including

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