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Manage all your customer interactions in one place with our smart, efficient multi-channel customer service solution


Optimise your multi-channel customer service solution to deliver a consistent, excellent customer experience wherever and whenever your customers want to engage with you.

Our core customer service platform, MailManager, enables you to integrate inbound Email, Social and Chat enquiries in a single user interface. Powerful, fast and easy to set up and use, MailManager drives the cost-efficiencies and productivity gains your business demands.

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What makes us stand out from the crowd is how we work with our clients. Through consultation and close collaboration, we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our solutions to fit your needs. We analyse and map your customer service workflows to optimise MailManager for your business and determine the level of systems integration and customisation required.

We are a small, agile, UK-based software developer and our personalised professional services also include ongoing training, client reviews and dedicated technical support.

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“We’ve built a strong rapport, and continue to work closely with Logicalware, ensuring our use of MailManager is fully optimised”

“MailManager provides us with the tools to assess and improve insurance handlers’ productivity, ensuring it remains high and consistent throughout the business”

“For Spark, the deployment of MailManager from Logicalware has massively improved our capacity to handle and process meter readings. Great service!”

“The use of the system is now second nature to all and the only regrets are that we should have considered Logicalware years ago.”

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