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A1 Comms improves customer satisfaction thanks to the reporting and analysis capabilities of MailManager customer service software solution.

Shebang Technologies Group Ltd, part of the A1 Comms Group, is a complete telecommunications service provider whose aim is to simplify the mobile market by offering a one-stop-shop to its retail partners.

Dealing with a large number of inbound enquiries from a wide range of sources, Shebang’s customer service is at the heart of the organisation. Looking for a simple, yet effective customer service software solution, Shebang took a free trial of MailManager, implementing the system to complement and extend their growing customer service division.

Prior to adopting MailManager, Shebang processed a variety of different enquiries from customers to retail partners using a standard email system. As business grew, customer service agents struggled to deal with the sheer volume of incoming enquiries and routing them to the correct departments as much of this required manual intervention. Once MailManager was implemented, Shebang experienced an instant improvement.

How do we segregate customer emails so that the correct agents deal with the correct emails?

Many organisations find themselves in this situation, yet the prospect of implementing a brand new email management solution can seem daunting. Finding the right solution, with its associated implementation and training time and costs is a natural concern for many businesses, which is why MailManager was attractive to Shebang. With online training and initial set up assistance provided, no upfront costs and free on-going UK based support, plus a product that does exactly what it says on the tin, meant Shebang were comfortable in the knowledge they had made the right step to help their customer service run smoothly.

“MailManager lets us automatically segregate and direct inbound emails to the right agents”

Improve customer satisfaction by understanding and analysing your performance

Another important feature Shebang looked for when choosing an email management system, was how to understand and follow up on the team’s performance. That’s where MailManager’s powerful reporting tool came into play, offering management the opportunity to understand and analyse the impact MailManager was having on the business and quickly identify where improvements could  be made.

Shebang also require MailManager to provide activity statistics back to their retail partners. To do this, they have made extensive use of the Category feature within MailManager. When emails arrive into their inbound account, they are automatically assigned two levels of categorisation: the first determines the retail partner and the second, the type of enquiry. A third level of categorisation – determining the reason for the email – is then assigned manually by the agent who is processing the email. Reports are then generated to provide various statistics by Category to enable Shebang to provide this information to the appropriate retail partner and closely monitor activity.

MailManager provides a scalable customer service software service

By using MailManager for all their incoming enquiries, from retail partners to customers, Shebang are not only able to segregate all their incoming emails depending on the retailer to which they were sent, they are also able to ensure only selected members of staff can process the email categories to which they are assigned.

The business model setup by Shebang is fully scalable so that as new retail partners join, they can simply be integrated into the current system.

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