Ryanair provides fast and efficient multi-lingual support with MailManager customer service email management software.

Ryanair is one of Europe’s most recognised airlines, operating as one of the fastest growing brands within the low-cost airline industry. Ryanair has seen massive success in recent years, flying over 80 million passengers across 1,600 routes throughout Europe. This huge growth in customers resulted in record profits of EUR569 million in 2013, an increase of 13% on 2012.

The rise in passenger count has naturally resulted in a sharp increase of incoming enquiries to Ryanair’s customer service department. These enquiries arrive in a variety of different languages, most are frequently asked questions, and many are time-sensitive.

An enquiry typically arrives as a result of a passenger completing a form on their website. These forms are engineered to capture relevant information and are sent to Ryanair in the form of an email with a specific subject line, depending on what the customer filled out or selected. Ryanair’s own business logic dictates what information is put in the subject line.

MailManager meets the challenge of quickly, consistently and accurately handling emails in different languages

The key challenges for Ryanair were how to consistently and accurately handle emails from passengers speaking various languages, and to process them as quickly as possible.

Ryanair were looking for a customer service email management software system that could easily and quickly handle all frequently asked enquiries, yet would have the ability to be flexible with their particular operational requirements. Making extensive use of MailManager’s Knowledge Base, Ryanair created and stored an advanced library of standard company responses. These responses are duplicated in multiple languages, enabling Ryanair to quickly and consistently reply to all customer enquires which require a simple, standard response.

Since the majority of their enquiries are from emails generated as a result of an online web-form being completed, Ryanair have set up approximately 300 filters, designed to analyse the subject lines on the incoming emails. If a subject line matches a filter, the business logic set up on that filter then processes the email accordingly.

MailManager saves Ryanair time and money through extensive automation

Most incoming emails are assigned a Category, responded to using a response from the Knowledge Base, and closed without the need for any human intervention. This level of automation has dramatically assisted Ryanair’s ability to improve customer service performance and reduce costs.

Other enquiries are assigned a Category as well as a priority and response target time. These emails are routed to specific Queues to be dealt with by a specially trained member of staff. These are typically emails that require additional information specific to that passenger.

MailManager’s Knowledge Base and Filters features, of which Ryanair has made extensive use, have proved to be invaluable to the high level of service that Ryanair is offering. These features make it possible for Ryanair to respond consistently and effectively to all enquiries, safe in the knowledge that no enquiry is missed, and that all enquiries are answered on time.

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