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Easter checklist for retailers

Looking to improve your service delivery and make your customers happier this Easter? Read our Easter checklist for Retailers as we share 5 tips 1. Stock up You know better than most which products are in highest demand, so make sure the stock lasts to avoid customers’ disappointment. Most retailers are stocking Easter stuff well [...]

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Easter Retail trends

It’s official: Easter shopping season is on During this seasonal peak season for UK businesses, profits could soar with the help of a favourable weather forecast for the weekend. Easter is determined by the moon, different year on year, as the part of the Gregorian calendar. This year it is falling almost three weeks later [...]

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Education – End of year budgets

The end of financial year is approaching at the speed of light, and, apart from the regular end-of-the-year nightmare, universities face yet another hassle: budgets being decided. ‘Use it or lose it’ The term ‘Use it or lose it’ is a phenomenon relevant to many education institutions and as the fiscal year draws to [...]

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5 ways brokers are losing money to bad customer service

It’s fair to say that when it comes to insurance, businesses are often criticised, rightly or wrongly, for their customer service Now when you also add in to the mix the fact that brokers are trying to make a profit out of fairly low margin policies, then bad customer service can mean curtains for a [...]

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Customer Service – 4 types of special agent

It’s THAT time of the year when the shopping madness kicks in - whether it’s a Black Friday or Cyber Monday haul, a Christmas bargain hunt, or a random midweek splurge to get you over the November slump. People love to shop and this time of year provides a valid excuse to do so. Customers [...]

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