About Laura Salmond

Laura is a senior marketing professional with a wealth of experience in both the public and private sector. Laura is responsible for the overall marketing presence within the organisation. Supporting the team in the development and implementation of marketing plans and targeted campaigns to build market presence and drive sales.

End of semester challenges – Education insights paper

The education sector is ever changing, take a look at our insights paper that will discuss some of the wider sector issues facing admin staff and some tips to avoid an end of term disaster. Interested in our insights? Download the paper now!

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Infographic: Brace yourselves for Black Friday

Retailers are busy busy busy Black Friday chaos sweeps the country each year. Get clued up on all the Black Friday facts now

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5 tips for dealing with nightmare customers

We had a stark realisation while sipping our tea this morning – the clocks have gone back the days are getting shorter and Halloween is here – a frightening yet magical thought. Since it’s close to Halloween and Harry Potter will be gracing our screens, we thought we’d share with you the top 5 tips on [...]

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Avoid rip and replace – repurpose and renew!

Agility is key for contact centres in the 21st century. With Millennial customers expecting exceptional customer service, contact centres are looking at fresh ways to keep up with demand.  With a typical contact centre dealing with an abundance of legacy systems, keeping customers and agents happy through efficient effective business processes is no easy task. [...]

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Logicalware partnership with Open GI

Logicalware partnership with Open GI - Bridging the gap between broking software and customer service operations. It's exciting times here at Logicalware HQ.  We are pleased to announce that Logicalware has entered into a partnership with Open GI to transform customer service operations in the insurance sector. Setting the scene If you work in [...]

Insurance Predictions 2016

Insurance predictions 2016. Part 1 - Man, machines and in between The ever-changing nature of the insurance industry makes it incredibly hard to predict what’s in store for the future. Some predictions from the last few years have never transpired, whereas others have taken off at great speed. But as hard as it is [...]

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Digitisation in 2016 – how it affects e-commerce and customer service

Digitisation in 2016 Customer support and customer loyalty is changing drastically as we become ever more reliant on the convenience of the web.  Businesses no longer have to staff hundreds of operators on phone lines or wait for customers to send back questionnaires via ‘snail mail’ to gather insight into how their business is performing.  [...]

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Customer service managers – advice you should ignore

These days, hardly anyone needs reminding of the importance of customer service. We are all living in the age of the customer and with customer expectation at an all-time high there are more contact centres than ever before. With rising customer demand, high productivity and staff morale are two topics firmly on the agenda within [...]

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Email management strategies for 2016

Email management strategies and tips to help you succeed in 2016. Ever get that sinking feeling after the weekend when you return to work.  Not because you dread your job, but because you dread at your generic complaints@ or manager@ inbox.  You’re not alone. For those of us in charge of managing customer complaints or [...]

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Internship with Logicalware – the good, the bad and the ugly

When intern, Nadia Vasileva, started her internship with Logicalware she had no real intention of writing a blog, but after 2 months, she felt she had something valuable to share. So here goes; I will share with you, my internship journey (the good, the bad and the ugly) and will also offer some advice for [...]

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