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4 common mistakes charities make at the end of fiscal year

Many charities face the daily challenge of making ends meet, balancing reduced income with increasing demands and inflating costs. Some charities are even faced with insolvency. With around 600 new charities becoming registered every month, competition for funding is fierce. (gov.uk) Operations need to be slick and customer service needs to be paramount. Competition and [...]

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Pet insurance quick guide

As a nation, we love our furry friends - in fact, according to data produced by the PFMA, circa 11m (40%) UK households are estimated to have pets. We’ve put together a quick guide to pet insurance. Read on for some helpful hints and tips. With 57 million pets across the country, it is [...]

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How to choose the best equine insurance – 13 tips

Every horse owner knows how challenging it is to find clear information about insurance policies and exactly what cover is being offered. With all the different packages and bands of equine insurance to choose from, insuring your horse can be a confusing process. The minimum cover for horses and ponies recommended by the industry experts is [...]

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5 car hire rip offs

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Bike theft – Stats sure to break your heart

We have all owned a bicycle at one time or another – although owning one doesn’t automatically make you an avid cyclist – for some of us we never actually get round to getting off the couch and into our lycra. However, with the combined successes of Sir Chris Hoy and Sir Bradley Wiggins [...]

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Insurance Predictions 2017

Insurance predictions 2017. Man, machines and in between   The ever-changing nature of the insurance industry makes it incredibly hard to predict what’s in store for the future. Some predictions from the last few years have never transpired, whereas others have taken off at great speed. But as hard as it is to foresee the [...]

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Avoid the Mobile Insurance Traps – get it covered!

The scary facts and stats Around eighty percent of the UK's population currently own a smartphone. That's a staggering circa 45 million smartphone users up and down the country, most of whom are young adults. They are not alone, though; ten percent of the under 10's and sixty percent of the over 75's also [...]

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An alternative to the traditional CRM

The term CRM is banded around a lot these day referring to client relationship management – we all know that right - but are CRM’s all they are cracked up to be? Go to a marketing expo and you will find every second stand filled with CRM software sales guys shouting about why you need [...]

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What, when and how to use a knowledgebase in your company

Geoff Turner from Carone gives us the lowdown on all things Knowledgebase As you know, here at Logicalware HQ, we go a bit mad for all things customer service.  Well, guess what, we are not alone.  We got talking to Geoff Turner from Carone who gave us an insight into the world of the knowledgebase [...]

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End of semester challenges – Education insights paper

The education sector is ever changing, take a look at our insights paper that will discuss some of the wider sector issues facing admin staff and some tips to avoid an end of term disaster. Interested in our insights? Download the paper now!

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