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Customer service team change resistant – why?

No matter how well designed and planned a change program is in theory, getting your customer services team on board is easier said than done. But why?  Surely your team want to do better, meet their SLA’s and KPI’s? Of course, but resisting change is common place if your team are too comfortable with the [...]

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Top tips for handling customer complaints via email or social media

Here’s a scary thought – Every response you provide to a customer complaint counts. Getting the messaging right is key; it can influence your overall brand perception and impact your bottom line. Interacting with a customer using a questionable tone can leave you at the mercy of the disgruntled customer. Just imagine… your email response [...]

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Automation for customer service

Automation in customer service - Streamlining processes can be award worthy We are delighted to announce that Logicalware is a finalist with Brightside Group Plc at the inaugral South West Contact Centre Forum & Welsh Contact Centre Forum Supplier Awards. We are finalists in the Voice and Automation category.  Final judging is the 6th [...]

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Email responses – getting the timing right

Many businesses struggle with an overflowing inbox of customer enquiries. Of course, this is a good thing right? It clearly shows they want to talk to you. The downside being that each customer thinks their issue is more pressing than the next and that their enquiry warrants faster email responses.  This can be a challenge [...]

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Closed loop feedback – a key part of CX that drives growth?

“Bain analysis shows that sustained value creators—companies that achieve long-term profitable growth—have Net Promoter Scores (NPS) two times higher than the average company. And Net Promoter System℠ leaders on average grow at more than twice the rate of competitors” It would seem logical that customer satisfaction and revenue would be connected and the above [...]

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Insurance: Tips for improving claims management

Underwriting and claims settlement are 2 fundamental functions of any UK insurer. At present, the Insurance Industry is not without its challenges, namely fierce competition and strict regulation. In this new age of the customer, delivering exceptional customer experience and offering efficient claims settlement can serve as a key differentiator for a forward thinking business. [...]

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Customer Service – nail the basics

For the want of a nail There is an old proverb about the importance of a nail and it boils down to this: Without a nail, a horseshoe snapped, tripping a horse and killing a messenger; without a nail a message wasn’t delivered and a war was lost. In short a whole kingdom fell because [...]

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5 signs you need University customer service software

Why it may be time to consider University customer service software Many educational institutions manage customer service through a generic email account. These ‘enquiries@’ or ‘sales@’ emails are then routed Outlook or Gmail where a staff member, (usually someone in Student Services,) is tasked with dealing with these inbound enquiries. For some, it works well [...]

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Improving Education Customer Service

The Higher Education sector is growing rapidly. With Education customer service, multichannel strategies being drawn up across the country to better serve stakeholders (students, faculty staff, parents, prospective students and alumni,) higher education innovators are not only understanding the concept of viewing students as customers, they are beginning to master this. Here’s our 3 Top tips [...]

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How Maplin used Logicalware’s Email Management Software to Decrease Customer Response Times by 79%

In April 2015 electronics retailer Maplin announced that it had recorded its strongest sales growth since 2008. With a network of 220 stores and ambitious plans to accelerate growth, their revenue has increased by 6.3% to £237m p/a. Maplin’s Chief Executive, John Cleland, attributed these impressive statistics to a focus on “improving the product and [...]

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