For easy to use need case management software, choose Logicalware

Work can be stressful, but when you handle customer complaints, action policy documents or deal with service requests, it can be a nightmare, especially if business processes are in need of improvement.

Do you really need case management software?

This is a question we get a lot from clients, the reality is, if you don’t have current processes in place, then you could be missing out on: massive cost savings, better reporting and a more efficient workplace.  Give your team the case management tools they need to perform their job better and this will lead to increased staff morale and productivity gains that will help you exceed your customers’ expectations.

Why choose Logicalware for case management?

We are simple, reliable, logical.

Of course, we know that there’s many solutions out there to choose from, but many are costly or hard to use.  Our software is a low cost, easy to use, alternative.  What sets us apart is our unrivaled support and training as standard. Make the logical choice and rely on us to get you up and running as quickly and simply as possible. We’ll tune you into a better way of providing case management.

Keep a clear secure audit trail

Worried that your internal email system is vulnerable? With the Logicalware cloud-based case management software, you can be rest assured that all your data is backed up and stored securely and that any emails from your servers to ours are fully encrypted with our SSL Certificates, if enabled. We also help eliminate spam emails that could be a threat to your systems.

Record case management notes

You suspect someone has put in a fraudulent claim, or you’re trying to source what happened to a missing payment, with Logicalware, you can make notes on the timeline so that internal personnel are kept in the loop. With all of this going on behind the scenes staff can provide a more efficient customer response helping to improve customer experience.

Check team workload

With centralised case information, Logicalware makes it easy for agents to view customer service cases and actions and view their outstanding tasks. It also allows for teams to search and view open customer complaints about your location/department, by individual responsible, etc. This helps teams to work together and improve their overall performance.

Standard templates

Working in customer support makes for a lot of manual, repetitive processes and emails about the same thing. This can lead to low productivity, inconsistent messaging and an increase in human error. Use templates and help keep your agents happy.

Create actions and assign tasks

Whatever sector you’re in you’ll have targets to meet or Service Level Agreements to achieve. Our software allows you to assign tasks, set due dates and create reminders. In the event of a lack of resource, you can re-assign the case to a different team member or department.

Search, create and send emails

If your company has a lot of manual processes, a lot of time can be spent sifting through vast email chains to understand what has gone on. With Logicalware you can view your Case Record very easily as each ticket is assigned a unique identifier.

Case management may sound difficult but Logicalware makes it easy

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