How to assign tickets in your team

Here at Logicalware, we don’t like to bombard you with blogs about our product, we prefer to focus on interesting and thought-provoking articles. That said, sometimes our features are worth a little shout about, so we thought we’d cover both. There are 2 main goals for this blog entry:  To remind you about the importance [...]

Infographic: digital transformation in the 3rd sector

Interested in finding out about digital transformation in the 3rd sector? Take a look at our infographic below for some interesting facts and stats. Looking to digitally transform your organisation? Take a look at Logicalware today!

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The pitfalls of digital transformation

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.  - Winston Churchill According to Wikipedia, Digital transformation is the change associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society. In the ‘aspect’ of the corporate world, digital transformation is one of the hottest issues these days. It [...]

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Should you be putting ‘cloud first’?

Cloud first - ‘To Saas or not to saas’ To Saas or not to SaaS - easily one of the toughest questions facing businesses across the globe especially with the rise of the SAAS giants. Organisations are more than ever, asking the question, should they buy on premise software or go with Software-as-a-Service. Gartner predicts [...]

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Education – End of year budgets

The end of financial year is approaching at the speed of light, and, apart from the regular end-of-the-year nightmare, universities face yet another hassle: budgets being decided. ‘Use it or lose it’ The term ‘Use it or lose it’ is a phenomenon relevant to many education institutions and as the fiscal year draws to [...]

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4 common mistakes charities make at the end of fiscal year

Many charities face the daily challenge of making ends meet, balancing reduced income with increasing demands and inflating costs. Some charities are even faced with insolvency. With around 600 new charities becoming registered every month, competition for funding is fierce. (gov.uk) Operations need to be slick and customer service needs to be paramount. Competition and [...]

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An alternative to the traditional CRM

The term CRM is banded around a lot these day referring to client relationship management – we all know that right - but are CRM’s all they are cracked up to be? Go to a marketing expo and you will find every second stand filled with CRM software sales guys shouting about why you need [...]

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Avoid rip and replace – repurpose and renew!

Agility is key for contact centres in the 21st century. With Millennial customers expecting exceptional customer service, contact centres are looking at fresh ways to keep up with demand.  With a typical contact centre dealing with an abundance of legacy systems, keeping customers and agents happy through efficient effective business processes is no easy task. [...]

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Logicalware partnership with Open GI

Logicalware partnership with Open GI - Bridging the gap between broking software and customer service operations. It's exciting times here at Logicalware HQ.  We are pleased to announce that Logicalware has entered into a partnership with Open GI to transform customer service operations in the insurance sector. Setting the scene If you work in [...]