How to assign tickets in your team

Here at Logicalware, we don’t like to bombard you with blogs about our product, we prefer to focus on interesting and thought-provoking articles. That said, sometimes our features are worth a little shout about, so we thought we’d cover both. There are 2 main goals for this blog entry:  To remind you about the importance [...]

Five customer service clichés to avoid

When talking about what’s annoying in customer service, the first thing that comes to mind is the 'endless' waiting, 'frustrating' hold music and that's not to mention the unhelpful agents. It’s hard to say what’s worse - the overly clingy shop assistants that will ask if you’re 'alright' every five seconds or understaffed contact centres [...]

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Happier and healthier customer service team

How to to improve employees' health, morale and motivation Today no one needs to be reminded about the importance of healthy working environment. Despite legislation and formal safety health and safety practices being followed with a businees, workplace habits within departments such as customer services can be far from healthy.  With constant competition and a struggle to to [...]

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Customer Service – 4 types of special agent

It’s THAT time of the year when the shopping madness kicks in - whether it’s a Black Friday or Cyber Monday haul, a Christmas bargain hunt, or a random midweek splurge to get you over the November slump. People love to shop and this time of year provides a valid excuse to do so. Customers [...]

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Customer service managers – advice you should ignore

These days, hardly anyone needs reminding of the importance of customer service. We are all living in the age of the customer and with customer expectation at an all-time high there are more contact centres than ever before. With rising customer demand, high productivity and staff morale are two topics firmly on the agenda within [...]

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