How to assign tickets in your team

Here at Logicalware, we don’t like to bombard you with blogs about our product, we prefer to focus on interesting and thought-provoking articles. That said, sometimes our features are worth a little shout about, so we thought we’d cover both. There are 2 main goals for this blog entry:  To remind you about the importance [...]

Five customer service clichés to avoid

When talking about what’s annoying in customer service, the first thing that comes to mind is the 'endless' waiting, 'frustrating' hold music and that's not to mention the unhelpful agents. It’s hard to say what’s worse - the overly clingy shop assistants that will ask if you’re 'alright' every five seconds or understaffed contact centres [...]

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Happier and healthier customer service team

How to to improve employees' health, morale and motivation Today no one needs to be reminded about the importance of healthy working environment. Despite legislation and formal safety health and safety practices being followed with a businees, workplace habits within departments such as customer services can be far from healthy.  With constant competition and a struggle to to [...]

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An alternative to the traditional CRM

The term CRM is banded around a lot these day referring to client relationship management – we all know that right - but are CRM’s all they are cracked up to be? Go to a marketing expo and you will find every second stand filled with CRM software sales guys shouting about why you need [...]

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What, when and how to use a knowledgebase in your company

Geoff Turner from Carone gives us the lowdown on all things Knowledgebase As you know, here at Logicalware HQ, we go a bit mad for all things customer service.  Well, guess what, we are not alone.  We got talking to Geoff Turner from Carone who gave us an insight into the world of the knowledgebase [...]

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5 tips for dealing with nightmare customers

We had a stark realisation while sipping our tea this morning – the clocks have gone back the days are getting shorter and Halloween is here – a frightening yet magical thought. Since it’s close to Halloween and Harry Potter will be gracing our screens, we thought we’d share with you the top 5 tips on [...]

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Avoid rip and replace – repurpose and renew!

Agility is key for contact centres in the 21st century. With Millennial customers expecting exceptional customer service, contact centres are looking at fresh ways to keep up with demand.  With a typical contact centre dealing with an abundance of legacy systems, keeping customers and agents happy through efficient effective business processes is no easy task. [...]

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Digitisation in 2016 – how it affects e-commerce and customer service

Digitisation in 2016 Customer support and customer loyalty is changing drastically as we become ever more reliant on the convenience of the web.  Businesses no longer have to staff hundreds of operators on phone lines or wait for customers to send back questionnaires via ‘snail mail’ to gather insight into how their business is performing.  [...]

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Email management strategies for 2016

Email management strategies and tips to help you succeed in 2016. Ever get that sinking feeling after the weekend when you return to work.  Not because you dread your job, but because you dread at your generic complaints@ or manager@ inbox.  You’re not alone. For those of us in charge of managing customer complaints or [...]

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Insurance & Finance complaint trends 2015/16

See our infographic based on the Financial Service Ombudsman's annual report showing the current trends in the Insurance & Finance industry. TAKE A NOSEY Are you looking to update your complaints handling processes within your company? Get in touch today and discuss how Logicalware can help set you up for success.

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