5 ways brokers are losing money to bad customer service

It’s fair to say that when it comes to insurance, businesses are often criticised, rightly or wrongly, for their customer service Now when you also add in to the mix the fact that brokers are trying to make a profit out of fairly low margin policies, then bad customer service can mean curtains for a [...]

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Pet insurance quick guide

As a nation, we love our furry friends - in fact, according to data produced by the PFMA, circa 11m (40%) UK households are estimated to have pets. We’ve put together a quick guide to pet insurance. Read on for some helpful hints and tips. With 57 million pets across the country, it is [...]

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How to choose the best equine insurance – 13 tips

Every horse owner knows how challenging it is to find clear information about insurance policies and exactly what cover is being offered. With all the different packages and bands of equine insurance to choose from, insuring your horse can be a confusing process. The minimum cover for horses and ponies recommended by the industry experts is [...]

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5 car hire rip offs

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Bike theft – Stats sure to break your heart

We have all owned a bicycle at one time or another – although owning one doesn’t automatically make you an avid cyclist – for some of us we never actually get round to getting off the couch and into our lycra. However, with the combined successes of Sir Chris Hoy and Sir Bradley Wiggins [...]

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Avoid the Mobile Insurance Traps – get it covered!

The scary facts and stats Around eighty percent of the UK's population currently own a smartphone. That's a staggering circa 45 million smartphone users up and down the country, most of whom are young adults. They are not alone, though; ten percent of the under 10's and sixty percent of the over 75's also [...]

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End of semester challenges – Education insights paper

The education sector is ever changing, take a look at our insights paper that will discuss some of the wider sector issues facing admin staff and some tips to avoid an end of term disaster. Interested in our insights? Download the paper now!

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Customer service team change resistant – why?

No matter how well designed and planned a change program is in theory, getting your customer services team on board is easier said than done. But why?  Surely your team want to do better, meet their SLA’s and KPI’s? Of course, but resisting change is common place if your team are too comfortable with the [...]

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Top tips for handling customer complaints via email or social media

Here’s a scary thought – Every response you provide to a customer complaint counts. Getting the messaging right is key; it can influence your overall brand perception and impact your bottom line. Interacting with a customer using a questionable tone can leave you at the mercy of the disgruntled customer. Just imagine… your email response [...]

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Closed loop feedback – a key part of CX that drives growth?

“Bain analysis shows that sustained value creators—companies that achieve long-term profitable growth—have Net Promoter Scores (NPS) two times higher than the average company. And Net Promoter System℠ leaders on average grow at more than twice the rate of competitors” It would seem logical that customer satisfaction and revenue would be connected and the above [...]

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