5 Logicalware customers that could make the rest of your summer amazing

These brands have excellent customer service - we can swear by them because we get to see their KPIs improving week by week, month by month. So, when it comes to fast and efficient customer service, they’re the crème de la crème. But don’t take our word for it – check out their latest offers [...]

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Easter checklist for retailers

Looking to improve your service delivery and make your customers happier this Easter? Read our Easter checklist for Retailers as we share 5 tips 1. Stock up You know better than most which products are in highest demand, so make sure the stock lasts to avoid customers’ disappointment. Most retailers are stocking Easter stuff well [...]

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Easter Retail trends

It’s official: Easter shopping season is on During this seasonal peak season for UK businesses, profits could soar with the help of a favourable weather forecast for the weekend. Easter is determined by the moon, different year on year, as the part of the Gregorian calendar. This year it is falling almost three weeks later [...]

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Digitisation in 2016 – how it affects e-commerce and customer service

Digitisation in 2016 Customer support and customer loyalty is changing drastically as we become ever more reliant on the convenience of the web.  Businesses no longer have to staff hundreds of operators on phone lines or wait for customers to send back questionnaires via ‘snail mail’ to gather insight into how their business is performing.  [...]

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When & where they look, shop and complain [infographic]

Wonder when as a retailer your customer will shop and complain? See our infographic to help you know when and where your customers will shop and complain. When your customers shop and complain, we know is important to you and that makes it important to us. To understand when and where they shop and complain [...]

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Complaints handling and profits; can it affect your bottom line?

Britain is a nation of complainers but is anybody listening? We should be! We Brits are famed for many things. According to our cousins across the pond, we are all; snaggle-toothed; tea drinking; crumpet eating serial complainers. Yip, they’ve definitely got us on the last one! In a nation so uptight that we have an [...]

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Retail; is it really all doom and gloom?

The Doom In February 2016, the British Retail Consortium produced Retail 2020. The report highlighted key predictions that are likely to affect the retail environment for the next 5 years. The main take-away from this document is that government policies such as the ‘Living Wage’ and ‘Apprenticeship Levy’ will have the opposite effect to what [...]

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Retail Round Up – Black Friday, Boomerang Friday and Christmas Sales

Our retail round up of customer spend in the retail sector over Black Friday and the Christmas Period. ‘Retail Crazy’ The press has been going ‘Retail Crazy’ over the festivities. Stories from the high street have been gracing the headlines; some good; some great and well, some not really all that good at all. [...]

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5 UK customer experience tips to manage Black Friday

So what if ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ originated in America? We Brits don’t mind adopting this American shopping frenzy – especially if it means there’s an opportunity to sniff out a bargain. But what does that mean for retailers and distributors in the UK? In an attempt to help UK retailers better understand their [...]

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