10 ways to improve charity customer service operations [infographic]

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For Charity customer service software, think Logicalware.

Providing excellent Customer Experience in the Charity Sector is more important than ever before.

Pressure to attract and retain supporters is on the rise but with budget constraints, lack of resource and Service Level Agreements to achieve it can feel like a complete nightmare.

We Help

Logicalware work with Charity clients, helping to address key issues facing the sector. Our business expertise, consultative approach and intelligent cloud – based software, helps to improve business processes and customer experience.

Common customer experience issues facing the Charity Sector

High spend

Meeting customer expectations can be expensive.

No reporting

Without reporting activity planning is difficult.

Limited productivity

Balancing too many task can limit staff productivity.

Not meeting targets

Manual tasks make it hard to achieve KPI’s and SLA’s.

Data Loss

Departments increasingly worried about losing data.

Solving problems; we’re simple, reliable, logical

Agents working from a shared inbox? Bombarded by the volume of customer enquiries or donor queries especially during peak periods? Logicalware can help. Used by Charities such as WWF-UK and Action for Children, our software solution is making shared inbox frustrations a thing of the past. Typically used by customer and supporter services staff, our solution works best when you receive high volume of customer enquiries on a daily basis. It also works perfectly for teams that are tasked with redistributing email or social media interactions to other departments internally.
Marketing and Communications departments worried over the look, tone and feel of the messaging being delivered to your supporters? With our template feature, you can add in as little or as many pre-written templates as your organisation requires. Let Marketing pre-approve your messaging in advance and be safe in the knowledge that your agents are fully equipped to provide consistent, accurate and timely replies.
Pressure to meet SLA’s or have team resourcing issues? When staff are working from a shared inbox, it can very quickly become unmanageable. This makes tracking and reporting impossible. Senior Managers may ask for reports on team productivity and this can ring alarm bells for Team Managers. With no real way of measuring performance, normally an element of guess work is used. Ultimately, this can lead to wrong decisions being made. Logicalware helps by providing an intelligent reporting function which can measure staff and team productivity. It can show the volume of work completed daily and the average time spent per task.
Worried that your internal email system is vulnerable? We make data more secure. With the Logicalware cloud-based solution, you can be rest assured that all your supporter data is backed up and stored securely and that any emails from your servers to ours are fully encrypted with our SSL Certificates, if enabled. We also help eliminate spam emails that could be a threat to your systems.
Our low cost solution can save the Charity and Voluntary Sector a great deal of money by automating and streamlining processes, that take up valuable admin time. With a more productive workforce cost savings can be seen in as little as 3 months making staff resourcing much easier.
We all know the impact that Christmas has on Supporter Service and Fundraising departments. There is an upsurge in customer enquiries and teams become stretched. If you aren’t donor management software then this process can become a nightmare. Luckily, Logicalware can help you manage your multi-channel customer communications more effectively.

The impact we make

We improve productivity

  • Improved workflow, improved service delivery.
  • Significantly reduced staff and management admin time. Automating and streamlining processes takes the pressure off, especially during peak periods.
  • More focused teams. Staff can concentrate on more important tasks, safe in the knowledge that standard queries (such as, ‘How much does it cost’) are being dealt with automatically.

We transform reporting

  • Resource planning made easy. Better data helps make key decisions. With our reporting functionality we can measure both individual, and team performance. We show the volume of completed work and the average time spent per task.
  • Better reporting, better results. Our reporting functionality help you track against SLAs.

We increase deadline delivery

  • Improved deadline delivery. Service Level Agreements and in-house customer service targets will become easier to achieve with more data to predict key trends.
  • More efficient workforce. Organisations will benefit from a workforce, optimised to achieve targets.
  • Customer experience enhancement. Improved efficiency, improved response times.

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Improving Customer Experience in the Charity sector.

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