Deal with angry customers a better way – Logicalware basic complaints handling software

Customer complaints on the rise – manage them with Logicalware

Whether you sell products or offer customised services to your customers, how you are complaints handling is essential for repeat business. It is in your best interest to turn every complaint into a chance to win over your customer base and attract new business via word of mouth. With Logicalware’s complaint management functionality we can help ensure that every customer receives a timely response. Get to grips with your customer complaints, boost your Net Promoter Score and reduce that pesky customer churn.

Multi-channel customer complaints can be managed by your support team right from within Logicalware.

Convert your customer complaints into actionable tickets

With Logicalware, all customer interactions are converted into tickets automatically. You can then respond to each complaint and keep a tab on their progress across any channel, from within Logicalware. With powerful ticket-management you can bring in your business processes into your complaint management workflow.

Templates make dealing with frequent complaints much easier

Logicalware lets you automate all the repetitive parts of complaint management, like categorising, prioritising and assigning tickets. That way, your support agents can focus on the more important jobs – like making your customers happy. With our solution you can even add pre-formatted replies to help make dealing with frequent complaints much easier. Speed up your response time, improve consistency and increase your staff productivity.

Customer Services, Marketing and Management all benefit from the software. Fully customisable to your corporate identity for a personal touch for case management. If you need a of complaint management consultants available to help guide every step of the way and we have a team of Developers ready to tweak the program to your specific requirements.

Unique Entities

Log each individual feedback as a unique entity, with reference number for the end-user.


Track all communications, whether e-mail, telephone, chat and so on in the request.


Retain and send all kinds of attachments sent and received via each issue.


Automate operator scripts to ask specific questions based on previous answers.


Map and control your operator’s response and data recording for auditing.


Allow end-user to track progress via web interface that’s customised to your identity.

Complaints handling may be a difficult task but Logicalware makes it easy

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