Improve your business with customer service consultation

No customer service strategy in place?  Need to improve current business operations? Logicalware can help.

You may know Logicalware for our customer service solution but we are much more than your typical SAAS company. Here at Logicalware, we like to do things a bit differently. With over 10 years of experience providing software to clients across the globe, we know what makes for an efficient and effective customer service department. Let us share our wisdom with you. We work with you to help integrate our solution with your back-end systems, work with you to improve productivity and work with you to achieve a fantastic ROI.

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We are simple

What we do is simple; we work with clients to help them achieve the best possible Return on Investment (ROI). We focus on providing the right software package and custom integration’s and seek to automate and streamline business processes where possible.

We are reliable

We are a company you can rely on. Would you trust an interior designer who didn’t take the time to find out what your favourite colours were?  Would you trust a doctor who didn’t ask about the symptoms you were experiencing? While these examples are vastly different, the importance of attending to your clients’ needs is paramount.  At Logicalware we know this, at Logicalware we listen.

We are Logical

We believe consultation is a key step in building, a long lasting, professional business relationship.  The Logicalware consultation service consists of: client discussion, full business process analysis, feedback, recommendations and then implementation where required. At every stage we keep our clients informed. We prefer to work collaboratively with our clients to enable us to find the most suitable solution for the business. Make the logical choice, choose Logicalware.

Help us make a lasting first impression

If you are looking for assistance with your current customer communication strategy, need help addressing outdated business processes or you simply need require a custom integration, let us book you in for a client consultation.

This is our first chance to show how we have more to offer than our competitors.  Let’s face it — consultation and managed services is unique within the SAAS industry.

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