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Providing you with a toolkit for faster customer support

Logicalware feels like email but lets you work as a team to reply to every customer in their channel of choice.

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Faster response time

Assign your tickets to a team or individual user

Get rid of the spam and improve productivity with autoresolve

Create canned responses for accuracy and consistency

Never miss a deadline 

Set your own SLAs for specific inboxes or customers and make sure you reply on time.

Detailed Performance Metrics

Our comprehensive analytics give you visibility into your inboxes. You can measure response, handles times and see the number of unresolved requests.

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Makes working through tickets so much easier.
Heather Mackay, LendingCrowd

You and your team will do great things with Logicalware.

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On average, teams using Logicalware can improve response times by up to 33%.

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