We had a stark realisation while sipping our tea this morning – the clocks have gone back the days are getting shorter and Halloween is here – a frightening yet magical thought. Since it’s close to Halloween and Harry Potter will be gracing our screens, we thought we’d share with you the top 5 tips on dealing with nightmare customers that haunt businesses across the country.

1. Professor Quirrell

We’ve all dealt with a Professor Quirrell – the customer who at first seems charming, even welcoming but after a while displays an extremely fickle, almost evil side.  As the conversation progresses you start feeling under attack.

Our tip – keep calm and don’t take it personally.  Avoid responses in an attempt to diffuse the situation. Statements like, ‘I empathise with you or I understand’ can do more harm than good to a Professor Quirrell. Just work on finding a solution for them as efficiently as possible.

2. Draco Malfoy

So, you’ve got a Draco on your hands; pompous, arrogant and even a little patronising – this type of customer really has the knack of rubbing you up the wrong way.

Our tip – keep your tone neutral, whatever the channel you’re engaging with them on.  Don’t get into a magical dual – you may come out battered and bruised.  Providing the facts in a confident and assured way is the best way to deal with a Draco.

3. Dementors

You know the type – a customer who constantly moans and sucks the life out of the conversation.  It can be hard to remain positive dealing with a Dementor but to deliver great customer experience you must.

Our tip – almost the reverse to a Professor Quirrel. Often the customer who constantly moans has had a bad past customer experience.  They often feel like they have been passed from pillar to post or that their issue hasn’t been treated as important.  Use statements like ‘I understand’ to make them feel valued and you can turn the situation around quickly.

4. Professor Umbridge

The sickly sweet customer who never raises their voice but their tone of entitlement is deafening.  A Professor Umbridge likes order and when things don’t go their way expect them to request to speak to a manager.  These customers can often be the most tricky to please.

Our tip – remain professional and don’t let a Professor Umbridge trick you into escalating a query just because they feel entitled to speak to a manager.  Stick to your normal business processes unless you feel unable to provide a suitable answer.

5. ‘He who must not be named’

The customer who contacts you via email, social media or by phone and launches into the reason for contact without providing their name or security information.  This can often be frustrating for a customer service representative as you have nothing to go on and when you try to go back a step the conversation turns very dark.

Our tip – Don’t fall into the Dark Lords trap of giving away information on their account without satisfying security measures.  Also, don’t let them continue to talk for a while before asking them for their name – you could run the risk of having the same conversation multiple times with the conversation turning very dark.  Let them know early on that you can’t provide an answer to their question unless the relevant security questions are met.

One final thought

If Harry Potter has taught us anything it’s that no matter what customer you encounter if you remain good, honest and respectful then it’s easier to work your CX magic – but if you still feel like you need a helping hand then check out Logicalware. Our customer service solution makes clients happy by improving customer experience and by enhancing business processes.

Happy Halloween!