How to to improve employees’ health, morale and motivation

Today no one needs to be reminded about the importance of healthy working environment.

Despite legislation and formal safety health and safety practices being followed with a businees, workplace habits within departments such as customer services can be far from healthy.  With constant competition and a struggle to to meet SLA’s and KPI’s, it can leave some employees feeling vulnerable. This is no laughing matter when operational teams play an instrumental part in the overall growth of a business.  Under-performing teams can negatively impact a company’s bottom line. Employee satisfaction and team culture can impact on staff well being and it’s really no great shock that there is often a direct correlation between levels of motivation and the number of sick days employees take.

The benefits of keeping the customer service team healthy and happy

  • Happy employees = Happy customers (65% of consumers name poor customer service as a reason for switching providers)
  • Happy and healthy team = less sick leave

Sick days are costing UK employers about £29 billion a year as British workers take up to four times as many days off than rival economies, according to research from accountancy firm PwC. (It found UK workers have an average of 9.1 sick days each year. Sick days now account for £28.8 billion of the UK’s overall £31.1 billion absence bill.)

  • Happy long-term employees cost less than hiring new ones. In 2014, the Society for Human Resource Management cited the total costs associated  with employee turnover can reach 90 to 200 percent of that employee’s annual salary.

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