Let Logicalware customer support software help you meet customer service targets, SLA’s and KPI’s.

Manual and repetitive tasks can lead businesses into a service delivery ‘black hole,’ where lack of productivity culminates in poor performance, an inability to achieve service level agreements and a failure to meet KPI’s. When staff don’t meet targets, it can impact customer experience, frustrate senior management and can negatively impact your brand. Thankfully, Logicalware is here to help get you on track.

Failure to meet targets isn’t great for anyone.

This can be tough for agents and management alike.

Agents can 

  • Feel de-motivated and this can affect service delivery.
  • Feel that management are being too harsh.

Managers Can

  • Feel pressure to do better, this can lead to stress.
  • Subconsciously take the bad results out their staff.

Meeting customer service targets is essential for a business – Logicalware can help in the following ways…

Focus staff

More focus, more motivation.
Staff can lose focus when they are bombarded by admin and this can result in a loss of motivation. By automating and streamlining manual repetitive tasks, Logicalware helps departments focus on the more important tasks.

Improve CX

More time, more service.
Agents taking forever to respond to customers? Is this impacting your service delivery? Customer Service expectations are on the rise. Missed SLA’s make for disgruntled customers. Satisfy their needs; use our software.

Make staff happy

Smiling staff, smiling management
No one likes working in a pressurised atmosphere. It can make for an unhappy workplace. Choose software that enables staff to meet targets and enjoy a better working environment.

Increase profits

More cash, more profit.
When targets are missed, staff motivation slips, service delivery suffers, customers and prospects go else where. Focus on customer retention and brand loyalty with Logicalware and improve your profits.

We help businesses meet their customer service targets by making actionable communication more efficient.  We intelligently convert inbound communication into actionable tickets that can be prioritised and actioned according to any Service Level Agreements of KPI’s in place. We automate and streamline business processes where possible helping you perform better.

Deadline delivery features Logicalware has to offer…

4 screenshot

Set priorities so tickets are allocated to users in the correct order.

This feature is great if there are agreed SLA’s in place. It enables agents to keep a track and prioritise important tickets.

6 screenshot

Add categories to your tickets to help you deal with issues more efficiently.

Takes the stress out of searching – Categories can help agents manage workload more efficiently.

10 sceenshot

Per user settings for re-assignment and collection of tickets.

If an agent can’t deal with a ticket, the ticket can simply be reassigned to another agent who can deal with the request. This improves efficiency to help meet targets.

For Customer Experience software to meet customer service targets, choose Logicalware.