It’s Logical, simple email management software makes for happier clients and customers.

Customers don’t want to be spending hours on the phone to customer services once they get in from work, they want to chill with their feet up watching On Demand or Netflix as they email customer services from their phone. Customers have fallen in love with email and our mission is to support clients who provide customer support via our email management software.

Who needs simple email management software?

People suffering from shared inbox frustrations.

Some businesses work from a shared inbox (such as Outlook) and this suits them fine, but it’s not for everyone. Where there are multiple agents working out of the same inbox or where there’s a lot of emails to deal with, it can quickly become confusing and hard to track. That’s where we come in. At Logicalware we centralise all incoming mail into one cloud – based system. Once converted to a ticket, this communication can be prioritised, allocated and actioned. By focusing on making actionable communication possible, our simple email management software makes for happy clients.

Cloud based

Worried that your internal email system is vulnerable? With the Logicalware cloud-based email management software, you can be rest assured that all your data is backed up and stored securely and that any emails from your servers to ours are fully encrypted with our SSL Certificates, if enabled. We also help eliminate spam emails that could be a threat to your systems.

Customer support reporting

We all want to do more for our customers, but when it’s hard to measure productivity how can we really achieve this? With a lack of team performance reporting, it is hard to plan cover for holidays. With Logicalware Reporting, you can capture key metrics like the number of emails you receive about certain issues, measure agent and team response time, and so much more.

Automated email support

Most email management software enables agents to respond to email enquiries but not all software can respond to the mail automatically. Logicalware allows automation of replies using Productivity Rules, so that repetitive tasks and replies don’t have to be time-consuming. Logicalware automatically categorises, assigns and even replies based on your requirement.

Internal notes

Logicalware know that collaboration within teams is key. The Logicalware Internal notes feature lets you add notes on a ticket that won’t be accessible to your customer. This will allow all team members know any extra information and be aware of any requirements needed on a ticket.

Standard templates

Marketing departments can be a nightmare for customer service teams. You can hear it now; is the messaging consistent; is it accurate; does it reflect the brand? With Logicalware, businesses can set up Standard Templates for repeatable enquiries to save on admin time.

 Email timeline

SLA’s to meet? Hard when your staff spends their time scrolling through vast email chains. Logicalware creates a timeline of all replies on a ticket, shows the current status of the ticket and the history, so teams will know exactly what has been asked and what is left to be done.

Email management may sound difficult but Logicalware makes it simple.

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