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Logicalware FAQ’s – can we answer your question?

Here at Logicalware, we want to make sure our clients are as informed as possible.  We have put together a list of Frequently asked Questions (FAQ’s) to help you get to grips with our product.  If you want to suggest a question or can’t find what you’re looking for, just fill in the contact form on this page and get in touch!

Logicalware FAQ’s below

Once you decide to go ahead with our software, you will be billed in advance on the first working day of each month. Your first invoice will include any service prior to the issue date. Payment is due within 30 days from the date of issue.

Our free trial lets you discover our product for 30 days. You can trial up to 75 agents on the product, which means that should you decide to sign up, you’re already set up and well on your way. We will support you throughout your trial period. This helps us better understand your organisation so that we can provide a customised quote based on your requirements.

You can easily add or remove agents to accommodate the changing needs of your business by contacting our support team. Agents are charged on a per monthly basis so if you are subtracting, we advise you to wait until the end of the month as we will be unable to credit you.

Your data is your data and we fully respect that. We use industry standard measures to protect the security and privacy of your data. For more information, please refer to our Security section and our Privacy Policy.

The terms of our client agreements are covered in the Terms and Conditions document and we do not have any cancellation fees. Please refer to this document and contact us if you have any questions.

We work closely with our clients and endeavour to make our product integrate seamlessly with individual business processes.  We also work closely with our strategic partner, Difference Corporation, who offer a range of integrated business telecoms services and solutions, which enable organisations to increase revenue, decrease cost and improve productivity. They include inbound and outbound call management technology solutions – incorporating our product for email and social media enquiry management – instant conference call facilities as well as full outsourcing programmes. Learn more about Difference Corporation.