Up until now, we haven’t done a good job of informing you about our feature updates on our blog. Which is a shame because Logicalware developing team is constantly working on improving user experience, pushing out regular new updates and bug fixes.

We’re excited to introduce a new series called Feature Updates. As nearly all our product updates are feedback-based, you’re more than welcome to leave your comments or chat with us and suggest your own ideas.

This week’s update was released on the 19th of August, 17 and it’s all about making Logicalware more secure.

This release is particularly important for all Logicalware users for it affects their Signing In into Logicalware.

Here at Logicalware we focus on:

1. Productivity

2. Security and

3. Usability.

We like to make a little improvement in every area once in a while. We have been making tweaks to reports to help make teams more productive. Customer service departments need more secure applications with the growing threat of fraud that is why we have ramped up security on our login page. Customers can rest assured that their data is secure with Logicalware.

Next on the agenda was usability. A lot of our customers mentioned that when using the application in large teams not having the option to change your colour or profile picture meant people with the same initials could be confused. The last thing we want to do is confuse our clients and that’s why we were on the ball to fix it.

Brute Force Protection

To make Logicalware more secure, we’re introducing brute force protection to our Sign In page.

All Users will now only have FIVE attempts to Log In correctly to their account using their Username. After four incorrect attempts to sign in using a valid Username, you will be given a warning that you have one more attempt to Sign In successfully before your account with be locked for 2 hours.

 ! You have one more attempt before your account is locked. After 5 unsuccessful attempts to log in, the account will be locked for 2 hours.

If you get locked out of your account, an email will be sent to your User email address with a link to reset your password.

Your account will be unlocked once your password has been reset.

If you don’t have access to your email, or haven’t received the email to reset your password, you should use this link:


We would also recommend all Users update their passwords if they don’t already meet the following:

  • At least 8 characters long
  • Include at least two uppercase letters,
  • Include at least two lowercase letters
  • Include at least two numbers or symbols

Any User can change their password by clicking on their profile picture from any page and selecting ‘Change password’.




  • XLSX format for Report Builder was not being generated correctly. This has now been fixed.
  • You can select the colour for your profile picture if you haven’t uploaded your own image. This will allow Users with the same initials to be able to distinguish themselves from each other.
  • Facebook’s integration has developed a fault that stopped Private Messages from being sent into Logicalware and any other 3rd party application. We have developed a fix to work around the fault until Facebook fixes this to ensure you continue to receive all messages into Logicalware.

In case if you missed previous Logicalware updates, please check out our Support Blog.