Logicalware partnership with Open GI – Bridging the gap between broking software and customer service operations.

It’s exciting times here at Logicalware HQ.  We are pleased to announce that Logicalware has entered into a partnership with Open GI to transform customer service operations in the insurance sector.

Setting the scene

If you work in a customer service team within a busy insurance department you may find yourself working with a broking solution such as Open GI, Acturis or CDL.  Working with these large broking solutions undoubtedly improves your internal processes, but there are still areas that could be streamlined, specifically around dealing with customer interactions.

So picture this… a customer sends an email to your customer services department with information about their policy. Once your department receives this information, it has to be read, deciphered and then manually inputted into the Open GI system. This can take on average 3 minutes per customer interaction. With Logicalware this is no longer the case.

Streamline your insurance processes with Logicalware

Feel like your team would benefit from improved operational efficiency? Speak to us today about joining up your insurance software with a customer services solution like Logicalware. Enquire now by emailing enquiries@logicalware.com.

“At Logicalware we strive to transform customer service departments and we now have a unique opportunity to really make our mark in the insurance sector through our partnership with Open GI.” Senior Business Development Manger, Daniel Parker, Logicalware.

“Open GI is fully committed to providing the general insurance market with flexible and reliable technology solutions. We are delighted to be partnering with Logicalware and provide our brokers with added-value services to boost their bottom line performance”. Amanda Taylor, Partner Account Manager, Open GI.

Who is OpenGI

Open GI is the market leader in Personal and Commercial General Insurance systems in the UK and Ireland. We support a number of key customer groups including national and regional insurance brokers (branch-based and online), wholesale and underwriters.

Established in 1979, Open GI has over 35 years heritage and works with brokers to provide a solution that is right for their business.

As a trusted business partner to the General Insurance market Open GI offers a wide range of products which are:
• Highly flexible
• Easily integrated with current and new partners
• Robust, reliable and scalable platform
• Proven in supporting and furthering brokers on their digital trading journey

To find out more, please visit www.opengi.co.uk