Integrating our customer service software with solutions that matter

You know what we’re talking about, right?  Some SAAS products out there focus on getting their product to integrate with everything. We’re a bit different.  Instead, we work with our clients and focus solely on the integrations that matter.

Tell us what you need

Are you an Insurance company looking for a customer support software that integrates with a back end system like OpenGI? Are you a charity looking for donor management software that integrates with back end systems like Raiser’s Edge?  Tell us what you need and we will work with you to help make this happen.  The best customer service integrations are made possible with Logicalware.

Help us make a lasting first impression

If you require a custom integration, let us book you in for a client consultation.

This is our first chance to show how we have more to offer than our competitors.  Let us work with you to tune you in to the right integrations for your business.

The best software integrations with Logicalware.

We’ll help by tune you into customer service software that integrates with back end systems