Working in partnership with Carone for smarter client interaction.

Looking for a knowledgebase solution?  Logicalware has it covered.  We have entered into a strategic partnership with Carone to bring you a knowledgebase Solution that will set you apart from the rest.

Why Carone?

It’s Logical – why develop a solution, when our friends at Carone do it so well. Since 2005, Carone has been deploying digital omni-channel systems and knowledge sites to contact centres and customer service teams across the UK. Truly experts in their field, they have the passion, knowledge and expertise to revolutionise your contact centre or customer service department.

In 2016, based on customer feedback, Carone launched a new knowledge application developed by their team in Hemel Hempstead. One of only two knowledge applications developed in the UK, Carone truly are a company that puts smarter client interaction at the heart of what they do.

Carone’s development expertise enables clients to solve specific issues and really personalise their knowledge deployment more than ever before. This is backed up with our experience of over a decade of what really works. From the user interface to the data types incorporated – flexibility has been a foundation of the design. Now knowledge applications can be more widely utilised to provide digital information support for customers, field engineers, agent teams and employees.

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What you should expect

Great account management

You’re in safe hands 

Peace of mind

Working with a responsive, agile developer

Better CX

Delight your customers 

Want to be able to offer a solution where you can provide quality consistent and accurate responses to your clients, with as little interaction as possible.

Sound too good to be true?

Not when you have the right tools.

How does it work?
Logicalware and Carone have joined forces to offer you a truly revolutionary product that will truly delight your customers. Not only will you be able to solve your multi-channel customer service issues, with Carone’s knowledgebase you can take your customer service to the next level.

Delight your customers and transform their customer experience.

Working in a contact centre can be tough at the best of times, but when you have outdated processes and access to information is hard to come by, it can become extremely frustrating. It can affect productivity, performance and job satisfaction.

What if you could have a more productive, motivated and happy workforce.

Imagine if you could automate all your repeatable enquiries by utilising customer service software backed up by a powerful knowledgebase. Even in the event that your agents do need to follow up with a customer, having that peace of mind that they have efficient access to the right answers at the click of a button is just the assurance your agents need.

Logicalware and Carone make seamless customer service a reality.

IT departments always need a bit of convincing when it comes to purchasing software applications. Not being on the coal face means that they are removed from the day to day struggles that exist in customer services. For busy IT departments their priorities are different: cost and time attributing to their largest struggles. We can help!

Why not take some of the pressure off? Choosing us, means choosing a willing support department always on hand to provide help and assistance. We can take the burden of support queries, meaning they can focus on their priorities.

As managers you often wear many hats; from HR to quality control it can often become too much. Let us help. Work with us to improve your business processes, improve your quality, improve your productivity, performance, client satisfaction and staff morale. Clever automation coupled with quality consistent messaging will transform your contact centre for the 21st centre.
Partnering with Logicalware mirrors our design values to provide open access to systems and data. Embedding our knowledge application into Logicalware’ s multi-channel response management system offers a truly open and efficient communication channel. Our Email Assist, Agent Assist and Self Assist portals offers suggested answers for email agents, telephony agents and a client facing self-service portal.
Geoff Turner, Carone

Benefits to you

 Improved staff and client satisfaction scores 

 Increased staff productivity with intelligent automation 

Quality consistent and accurate customer responses 

Access to a supportive team of customer service experts

What, when and how to use a knowledgebase in your company

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