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Show your supporters love

Spread the love As cheesy as it may sound, love your customers and they will love you back. Have a look at our infographic and if you want you can download our briefing paper [...]

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Five customer service clichés to avoid

When talking about what’s annoying in customer service, the first thing that comes to mind is the 'endless' waiting, 'frustrating' hold music and that's not to mention the unhelpful agents. It’s hard to say what’s [...]

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Top tips to make the most of an EXPO

Attending the BIBA Expo this week? Follow our top tips for success. An expo can be an incredibly valuable learning experience in more ways than one. Here's how to make the most out of [...]

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Easter checklist for retailers

Looking to improve your service delivery and make your customers happier this Easter? Read our Easter checklist for Retailers as we share 5 tips 1. Stock up You know better than most which products are [...]

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Easter Retail trends

It’s official: Easter shopping season is on During this seasonal peak season for UK businesses, profits could soar with the help of a favourable weather forecast for the weekend. Easter is determined by the moon, [...]

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Should you be putting ‘cloud first’?

Cloud first - ‘To Saas or not to saas’ To Saas or not to SaaS - easily one of the toughest questions facing businesses across the globe especially with the rise of the SAAS giants. [...]

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Happier and healthier customer service team

How to to improve employees' health, morale and motivation Today no one needs to be reminded about the importance of healthy working environment. Despite legislation and formal safety health and safety practices being followed with [...]

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Education – End of year budgets

The end of financial year is approaching at the speed of light, and, apart from the regular end-of-the-year nightmare, universities face yet another hassle: budgets being decided. ‘Use it or lose it’ The term [...]

4 common mistakes charities make at the end of fiscal year

Many charities face the daily challenge of making ends meet, balancing reduced income with increasing demands and inflating costs. Some charities are even faced with insolvency. With around 600 new charities becoming registered every month, [...]

Insurance Predictions 2017

Insurance predictions 2017. Man, machines and in between   The ever-changing nature of the insurance industry makes it incredibly hard to predict what’s in store for the future. Some predictions from the last few years [...]

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