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When & where they look, shop and complain [infographic]

Wonder when as a retailer your customer will shop and complain? See our infographic to help you know when and where your customers will shop and complain. When your customers shop and complain, we know [...]

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Complaints handling and profits; can it affect your bottom line?

Britain is a nation of complainers but is anybody listening? We should be! We Brits are famed for many things. According to our cousins across the pond, we are all; snaggle-toothed; tea drinking; crumpet eating [...]

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What our clients like about Logicalware [infographic]

We value feedback at Logicalware. What our clients like about Logicalware is displayed below! What our clients say about us is so important. We want to improve our service for current and prospective clients.  Listening to what [...]

Winning big at the South West Contact Centre Forum Supplier Awards

We all know that Fridays are the best day of the week, but this one takes a bit of beating.  Truth be told – we can’t stop smiling! Why you might ask?  Well here at [...]

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Automation for customer service

Automation in customer service - Streamlining processes can be award worthy We are delighted to announce that Logicalware is a finalist with Brightside Group Plc at the inaugral South West Contact Centre Forum & [...]

Social customer service – who should lead your social media?

Social customer service - embrace it! -With arms wide open (Not like the early 2000s song!) Traditionally, marketers have been responsible for social media in many companies, and they still are. Approximately 75% of businesses [...]

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5 customer service cliches

When talking about what’s annoying in customer service, the first thing that comes to mind is the 'endless' waiting, 'frustrating' hold music and that's not to mention the unhelpful agents. It’s hard to say what’s [...]

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Email responses – getting the timing right

Many businesses struggle with an overflowing inbox of customer enquiries. Of course, this is a good thing right? It clearly shows they want to talk to you. The downside being that each customer thinks their [...]

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Email management strategies for charities

Email is one of the key ways for charities and not-for-profit organisations to communicate with their supporters. Unfortunately, many find that managing the bulging inbox can be a strain on time and resources. The effort [...]

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Insurance: Tips for improving claims management

Underwriting and claims settlement are 2 fundamental functions of any UK insurer. At present, the Insurance Industry is not without its challenges, namely fierce competition and strict regulation. In this new age of the customer, [...]

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