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Convert your customer communications into actionable tickets

How it works


Our low-cost multi-channel customer service solution works by capturing inbound customer interactions from the web, email, and social media channels, Facebook and Twitter.  Within Logicalware, these interactions are converted into actionable tickets and assigned a unique identifier for better tracking.

Store your chat history within Logicalware

We have developed an integration with Olark Chat so now Logicalware customers can save their Olark chat history to our application where we will store the history as a ticket. We will assign each chat transcript a unique identifier, so you can respond easily by email from within the ticket and you can also be safe in the knowledge that you have created a live chat communications audit trail.

How it works

Tickets created when…

– an email is sent

Tickets are created when…

– a comment is made on the facebook wall
– there is a direct message
– there is a reply back to a comment
– there is a reply back to a direct message

Tickets created when…

– your business is mentioned by someone in a post
– there is a direct message
– there is a reply back to a message
– there is a reply back to a direct message

Tickets created when…

– a web form is filled in on your website

Tickets created when…

– a chat message has been completed so you can save the transcript and keep a record within Logicalware
– a user sends an online message

Logicalware is a great solution for us. They have always been very responsive to our requirements and any issues we’ve had. The multi-channel solution allows us to keep an audit trail of our interactions with customers, which we need for regulatory reasons. The fact they’re UK-based means they can quickly respond to queries. Logicalware makes our customer support more efficient and allows us to give our customers great service.”
Heather Mackay , LendingCrowd

Benefits to you

Improved customer satisfaction

Better customer retention 

Improved productivity

Better brand perception

Dedicated relationship manager 

Always on hand

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