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Flexible, generous and suited to you

We’ve made it simple for you to partner with us by creating a flexible and generous partner programme, delivered by a dedicated channel relationship manager to ensure your organisation feels supported every step of the way.  We work hard to get to know you and your business goals.

Logicalware Partner Programme

Logicalware works with niche partners to offer our customers enhanced service.  We support our partners with a thorough understanding of key trends in customer experience and workflow management.  We help our partners to identify customer retention and growth opportunities to increase profits.  Working with Logicalware ensures attractive margins and joint lead generation campaigns.  We also provide up to date training to ensure your sales and technical teams are fully competent in the use of the Logicalware application.

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Types of partnership we encourage


Value add resellers

Technology partners

System integrators

Want to earn revenue for reselling Logicalware business applications but don’t have the time or business model to offer full technical and value added services? Logicalware has a rewarding solution for you! We offer a generous referral package for prospects that you refer to Logicalware, who convert to paying customers. You will receive a continual cash flow, receiving a percentage of the contract for the first year.

Who should join?

Contact Centre specialists
Industry influencers who have access to customers in a specific market niche or vertical

How does it work?
For qualified partners, Logicalware provides a way to automatically refer leads and receive a referral fee for each paying customer. Satisfy your clients assured that you are using a quality customer service application used by clients such as Ryanair, Booking.com, and Dunnes Stores.

For those resellers who want to maintain control of your sales process and would like to offer your own additional services such as support or consultation, then we would love to hear from you. Working as a value-add reseller with Logicalware has never been so easy.

Satisfy your clients assured that you are using a quality customer service application used by clients such as Ryanair, Booking.com, and Dunnes Stores.

At Logicalware we believe in innovation and continuous improvement; working with technology partners offering complimentary software is key to this. Logicalware aims to bridge the gap between customer service delivery and business operations and we want to build a partner network to help achieve this. Satisfy your clients by improving their business operations.
We are looking to work with companies who can bring together multiple technologies and link front-end communication channels together with back-office systems (such as order processing, e-commerce technology and policy administration software etc.)

Why Logicalware?

The customer experience management market is growing dramatically and is set to be worth in excess of 10.77 billion USD by 2020.  With customers demanding fast efficient and quality customer service, business operations need to be able to cope with demand.

For organisations striving to deliver client customer experience enhancement, Logicalware provides the solution.   We offer affordable customer service software, consultation and managed services. Our enterprise package is scalable, easy to manage and security – focused, uncoupled with our unbeatable 24/7 support.

Open GI is fully committed to providing the general insurance market with flexible and reliable technology solutions. We are delighted to be partnering with Logicalware to provide our brokers with added-value services to boost their bottom line performance.
Amanda Taylor, OpenGI
The Logicalware partnership helps us to deliver customer service improvements, coupled with unparalleled training and support. Logicalware has taken the time to understand our business model so we can adapt their product line to best suit our clients’ and partners’ needs.
Trevor Gerhaty , Difference Corporation

Benefits to you

Client satisfaction

Grow your bottom line

Earn significant referral fees

Affiliation with a recognised brand

Dedicated relationship manager 

Always on hand

Read our six reasons to partner with Logicalware

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