To improve customer service productivity, the right software is key

We all know departments can get bogged down with admin. Staff can become bombarded with manual and repetitive tasks and this can impact individual and team performance. If only there was a better way right? Good news, with Logicalware there is.

Customer service teams working from a shared inbox?

This can be tough for agents and management alike.

Agents can

  • Become frustrated with the volume of inbound enquiries.
  • Lose motivation and morale.

Managers can

  • Worry over customer service resource planning.
  • Miss key deadlines or SLA’s.

Team productivity is key to successful businesses – Logicalware can help in the following ways…

Motivate staff

Happy staff & workplace.
If staff feel valued they work harder. Respond to their complaints and alleviate their pain. Reduce time spent working on repetitive manuals tasks makes for a happier team.

Improve CX

More time, more service.
It’s not only agents at fault for low customer satisfaction scores, it can often be outdated business processes. Move to Logicalware for a more effective team.

Achieve targets

Reduce admin, meet SLA's.
Feel pressure to do better; got Service Level Agreements or KPI’s to achieve? Logicalware can optimise your customer service operations helping, you achieve your targets.

Save money

More cash, more profit.
Admin time is a ‘swear’ word to many businesses. It can be hard to track and costly to resource. Improve your processes and benefit from cost savings in as little as 3 months.

We improve customer service productivity by making actionable communication more efficient.  We intelligently convert inbound communication into actionable tickets that can be dealt with accordingly.  We also automate and streamline business processes where possible helping to increase staff efficiency.

Productivity features Logicalware has to offer

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This feature enables an individual to search for tickets based on attributes and text within.

Takes the stress out of searching – Agents can search for tickets more quickly and easily.

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Save your ticket searches as ‘views’ to enable quick recall later.

Staff can recall tickets that they may need to action at a later point.

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Per user settings for re-assignment and collection of tickets.

Improve contact resolution – If an agent can’t deal with a ticket, the ticket can simply be reassigned to another agent who can deal with the request.

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Per user settings for which tickets users have access to.

Prioritise agent time – Often certain agents are better suited to dealing with specific requests. This enables management to assign specific tickets accordingly.

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Users are members of teams with all tickets being allocated to teams.

Improved usability – Users can see at a glance what tickets are being dealt with and by whom.

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Per team setting for how tickets are assigned to users.

Enhancing team performance – Management can choose how they would like to assign tickets. This helps when there is a shortage of staff or when there is a mixture of skill levels within a team.

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Individuals can keep an internal record of activity that isn’t viewable by their customers.

Better case management. It Helps resolve customer issues more efficiently and effectively.

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We know how frustrating it can be when you take out a free trial and you are just dumped a few automated emails and left to get on with it. At Logicalware we don’t leave you to your own devices (unless you really want to be). Our Account Manager and Technical specialist will work with you to make sure the trial works best for you.

To assist in a smooth set up we have easy to use Step by Step Start Guides. Additionally, for those of you who wish to dive deep into the breadth of functionality Logicalware has to offer we offer a searchable Knowledgebase with articles helping you to set up as well as an online community, forum and blog.

For Customer Experience software to improve productivity, choose Logicalware.