Customer experience software with reporting helps teams achieve more!

Businesses unaware of staff productivity often fall victim to low staff morale and missed deadlines. This makes for unhappy management and even more importantly, disgruntled customers. Let Logicalware help. We make good customer support teams, great!

For measuring agent performance, customer experience software with reporting is key!

Lack of reporting? This can be tough for agents and management alike.

Agents can

  • Feel like they are fighting a never ending battle.
  • Feel like managers are always getting at them when a dealing is missed.
  • Lose motivation and staff morale.

Managers Can

  • Worry over resource planning.
  • Feel accountable for miss deadlines or SLA’s.
  • Become frustrated with their staff.

Reporting is key to successful businesses – Logicalware can help in the following ways…

Make staff happy

Smiling agents, smiling managers.
Our Customer Experience software with reporting will put a smile on your face. We alleviate the pain that comes with lack of reporting, making for a stress-free workplace.

Plan better

Clear direction, more profit.
It’s hard to make cost savings without a clear indication of team activity. The Logicalware solution provides you with valuable insight, essential for better decision making.

Visual Dashboards

A picture speaks a thousand words.
Gone are the days where team managers want data in an excel spreadsheet – Boring! Delight senior staff with our dashboard reports – easier to digest & visually impressive.

Meeting deadlines

Targets achieved, SLA's met.
With no activity, it makes it impossible to achieve optimum service delivery. Let our software with reporting functionality help you achieve your targets, SLA’s and KPI’s.

We improve customer service productivity by making actionable communication more efficient.  We intelligently convert inbound communication into actionable tickets that can be dealt with accordingly.  We also automate and streamline business processes where possible helping to increase staff efficiency.

Reporting features Logicalware has to offer

5 screenshot

Add categories to your tickets for reporting purposes.

Great for Management Reports. It helps track volume of tickets about particular issues.

5 screenshot

Enables agents to create tickets from scratch.

This improves case management. This feature enables you to capture details about a phone conversation or convert a letter into a ticket by scanning the letter so that it can be tracked and reported on.

Dashboard sceenshot

See your reports at a glance.

Managers can see at a glance real-time team performance in a visual and easily digestable way.

For Customer Experience software with reporting, choose Logicalware.