Looking to improve your service delivery and make your customers happier this Easter?

Read our Easter checklist for Retailers as we share 5 tips

1. Stock up

You know better than most which products are in highest demand, so make sure the stock lasts to avoid customers’ disappointment. Most retailers are stocking Easter stuff well before the last of the Christmas Santa’s have left the building. While consumers showed a fair amount of disapproval towards Easter eggs practically neighbouring Chocolate Santas, there is an argument that consumer demand for the products is driving the shift in seasonal availability. Maybe the people are trying to spread the cost of the holiday over several weeks or the temptation for buying that Easter egg is just too irresistible.

2. Play your Easter card right.

Focus on the products that are likely to do well during the holiday period. Research your Easter customer queries and complaints from last year– have the ongoing issues been fixed? What was the most common complaint? Take it on board and act on it this year. And make sure the stock lasts! A rule of thumb would be just last year’s sales figures but thankfully the Storm Katie is unlikely to hit Britain anytime soon, and the weather is nicer, so your sales this year might be looking up comparing to Spring 2016.

3. Celebrate!

If you don’t have the luxury of closing down your contact centre during holidays, don’t forget to celebrate Easter with your employees. Let them have some time away from the phones to run around the office hunting for eggs. Celebrating holidays in your contact centre helps employees understand that the role they play is important and appreciated. After all, they choose to work and contribute to your business growth instead of spending time with their families. Besides, social interaction doesn’t happen very often in a call centre – the agents are too busy helping customers to have even a small chat. This is why it is vital to celebrate holidays and glue the team stronger together with some social bonding.

4. Connect and greet.

Holiday is a fantastic opportunity to form a better relationship with your customers. Reach out, wish them well for the long weekend or simply provide some vouchers to celebrate this wonderful spring holiday. Holiday shopping has a tendency to overburden understaffed customer service teams with the queries – Meanwhile, the customers feel it’s crucial for them to receive their gifts ordered online on time. Speed up the response rate and deliver both physically and service-wise.

5. Make the most of the entire week.

Retailers should not only concentrate on the Easter shoppers but the entire Spring period. According to eBay, on all three of the bank holiday Mondays in April and May, searches on Android, iPhone and iPad platforms outstripped those on the desktop, something it put down to parents trying to entertain their families on rainy days- inevitable for British consumers.

Unfortunately, there’s no fool-proof way to engage consumers during the holiday season, so the retailers should leverage the observed insight offered by online advertising to serve shoppers with the right message at the right time – on whichever device they choose to shop on. Make sure there’s enough budget assigned to campaigns to last the extended Easter weekend.