For secure customer support software, choose Logicalware.

With more hacking and data loss taking place than ever before, businesses across the globe are worried about the prospect of leaving their customer data vulnerable to attack. With our secure customer support software, take comfort in the knowledge that your data is safe.

Data loss can result in reduced profits, negative brand perception and reduced sales. Customers can lose faith in a company and take their business to a competitor, new business becomes harder to win and this can lead staff redundancies.  Avoid putting your business at risk and use a secure customer support software like Logicalware.

Customer support teams worried about security? Logicalware helps in the following ways…

Cloud safety

Logicalware’s secure cloud-based solution ensures customer data is backed up and stored securely. Emails from your servers to ours are fully encrypted with our SSL Certificates, if enabled.

Customer satisfaction

It is understandable that sometimes customers can worry about their data. To give them something to smile about, Logicalware utilises Amazon Web Services (AWS) for our infrastructure.

Customer retention

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable. It can lead to data loss. Losing data can be damaging for any business. It can lead to reduced sales figures and customer churn. Don’t drive customers out the door!

Fear reduction

Most businesses hate making staff redundant. It can leave a workforce unhappy. Beef up your security and reduce the feeling of vulnerability within your business and increase staff morale.

It’s not just the fact we are cloud-based that makes our customer support software secure and reliable. Check out some of the security features Logicalware has to offer…

System access restriction

Per user setting for restricting access to various parts of the system.
Great feature if you work with different business streams within a team. Management can have an overview of all tickets but certain parts of the system can be restricted to different users.

Ticket restriction

Per user settings for which tickets users have access to.
Restricting tickets to specific agents helps to improve internal data management.

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