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Seamless onboarding

Our software will meet your needs – we’ll be there to help and train at every step so it works best for you!

Better reporting

By offering easy to compile activity reports, we help managers stay on top of team activity and performance.

UK based support

Our friendly team will be there to support 24/7 by email and phone. You’ll have access to our online support.

Improved multi – channel communication

We help you stay on top of requests no matter how customers engage with you.

Increased productivity and cost savings

By automating business operations, we help motivate staff and keep them on track, making them more productive.

Better deadline delivery, security and compliance

We’ll increase your deadline delivery, enabling you to achieve your SLA’s and KPI goals.

Key features


Powerful ticketing system

Create a mailbox and start forwarding your customer support, marketing, sales and complaint requests into Logicalware. We’ll save you admin time by converting your customer queries into actionable tickets that can then be deal with from one place.


Meet deadlines with email support

Be sure no emails go unanswered. We will notify your users when a customer query that lands in Logicalware.

Save time with pre-populated responses

Reply more efficiently. Use predefined templates to reply faster to your support queries. You can easily add, edit or remove previously created templates based on your needs.

Increase efficiency with standard templates

Tired typing the same replies over and over again? Now you don’t have to. Easily create and use templates when replying to customers.

Provide better CX with internal notes

Sometimes customer queries may require an additional discussion between members of your team. Leave a note that’s only visible internally.


Make fewer mistakes and assign tickets to the right people

With Logicalware, you can easily assign all incoming emails to teams (support team, development team, sales team, marketing team, etc) or to certain users so they can be dealt with accordingly.

Be more organised and categorise

Better organise your ticket workflow.   Assign predefined categories to your tickets (sales, support, issue, report etc.) Plus adding categories makes it easier for you to run a ticket search.

Be more organised and prioritise

Keep your best customers happy. Add a higher priority status to requests easily with Logicalware. Tickets with a higher priority can be assigned to your most capable staff.

Be more organised and tag

Order your enquiries just the way you like with powerful tagging capabilities.

Meet your SLA’s – Set a response target

Improve productivity. Set a resolution time or response target for your channels to see how your users are performing. Standard reports will show how much time is spent dealing with tickets.

Be more secure – limit access per users

Control access level for your staff from one single page. Set permissions for any registered user by simply marking a few boxes.


Up your productivity with ticket rules

Streamline your business processes with ticket rules. Create automatic ticket rules and route all incoming emails according to your preferences. For example, set an automatic assignment for members of your support team to deal with all support requests. Got a marketing-related query? Set up automatic forwarding to your marketing team. You can also assign categories, tags, priorities and much more to all the incoming emails automatically.

Make sure your team is informed with notifications

Never miss an email again.  We notify your team about newly created and updated tickets.

Be more efficient and use auto-replies

Keep your customers informed. Set auto-replies separately for each mailbox to let your customers know that you’ve received their email and that you’ll get back to them with an answer.

Keep spam to a minimum and blacklist

Spam is no longer a problem! Add an email to our blacklist, any further emails received will automatically be blocked.


Monitor staff and team activity  

Interested in checking the volume of tickets dealt with by your support team on a daily, weekly monthly or yearly basis? It’s clear, accurate and helps you track staff activity within Logicalware.

Understand your productivity with SLA Analysis

It’s easy to track SLA statistics for any requested time period. Just hit “Reports” tab.

Identify your best performers with team allocations

Check allocated tickets per users and teams and understand who is doing well.


Be local

Set preferred (your local) time zone for your system, so that the time and date of tickets creation would be displayed accordingly.

Be organised – set your working hours

Got a fixed working schedule? With Logicalware, you can set working hours for your account to be sure that your SLA statistic is being gathered properly.

Be secure – redact your credit card numbers

Want to hide credit card number provided accidentally by your customer?  With one single click, you can apply automatic redaction of credit cards numbers so they would be automatically masked in Logicalware.

Understand your tickets more than ever before with Ticket History

Ticket history is now possible with Logicalware. Understand why an email wasn’t delivered or why a ticket was assigned to the wrong team. With Ticket History, it’s easy to view the messaging history of each ticket and get a full list of events in details regarding every single message in a ticket.

Look professional with merge tickets

If your customers create multiple tickets regarding the same issue, then it’s time to merge related tickets into one single ticket. It’s always better to solve a query within one single ticket instead of replying to each question separately from different tickets. Besides, replying to one ticket saves lots of time and increases your productivity.

Looking for information to take to a meeting? Export to PDF

Do you need a certain ticket to be printed for a special meeting with your boss or with a customer? In Logicalware, you can easily print your tickets out as a print ready PDF.

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