Select Logicalware for an effective utilities customer service solution for both energy providers and utilities companies

Utilities companies face a number of customer service challenges. In a heavily regulated industry, we understand that improving speed and service levels to consumers while cutting costs and improving efficiency is critical. Logicalware offers a powerful, effective utilities customer service solution that can help where it hurts, and directly impact the key metrics that matter. Public visibility of complaints handling due to regulatory pressure means that utilities companies have a lot to gain, and energy suppliers who can efficiently handle enquiries and complaints get a significant competitive advantage.

We Help

Logicalware works with Utility clients helping to address key issues facing the sector. Our business expertise, consultative approach and intelligent cloud – based software, enhance business processes and improve customer experience.

Common customer experience issues facing the Utilities Sector

High spend

It can be costly to meet the customer expectations

No tracking & reporting

Without reporting activity planning is difficult.

Limited Productivity

Balancing too many tasks can limit your productivity.

Not meeting targets

Are you finding it tough to get duties finished on time

Manual processes

When you are Working manually it only takes more time

Solving problems; we’re simple, reliable, logical

Agents working from a shared inbox? Bombarded by the volume of customer complaints during peak periods, such as during winter storms? Logicalware is here to help. Used by agents across globe, our software solution is making shared inbox frustrations a thing of the past. Typically used by agents who receive more than 50 customer interactions per day, it’s perfect if there’s a large volume of enquiries that need to be redistributed internally. It works by intelligently converting customer enquiries into tickets. These enquiries can be from a variety of channels, (emails/web forms etc.) By assigning each ticket with a unique identifier, Logicalware enables staff to track and monitor the progress of each complaint or enquiry.
Marketing and Communications departments worried over the look, tone and feel of some of the messaging that is being delivered to customers? With our template feature, you can add in as little or as many pre-written templates as your organisation requires. Let Marketing pre-approve your messaging in advance and be safe in the knowledge that your agents are fully equipped to provide consistent, accurate and timely replies.
Pressure to meet Service Level Agreements or having team resourcing issues? When staff are working from a shared inbox it can very quickly become unmanageable, making tracking and reporting impossible. Senior Managers may ask for reports on customer service productivity and this can ring alarm bells for Team Managers. With no real way of measuring this, normally an element of guess work is used. Ultimately, this can lead to wrong decisions being made in areas such as staff resourcing. Logicalware helps by providing an intelligent reporting function which can measure staff and team productivity. It can show the volume of work completed daily and the average time spent per task.
Worried that your internal email system is vulnerable? We make data more secure. With the Logicalware cloud-based email management system, you can be rest assured that all your data is backed up and stored securely and that any emails from your servers to ours are fully encrypted with our SSL Certificates, if enabled. We also help eliminate spam emails that could be a threat to your systems.
Our low cost solution can save a retailers money by automating and streamlining processes that take up valuable admin time. With a more productive workforce cost savings can be seen in as little as 3 months and resourcing is made easier.
We all know what weather can be like – temperamental to say the least! This can cause massive problems for the Utilities sector especially for customer service and complaints departments. If you aren’t using communication management software then this process can become a nightmare. Luckily, Logicalware can help you manage your multi-channel customer communications more effectively.

The impact we make

We improve productivity

  • Better workflow. Better service delivery.
  • Streamlined processes. Significantly reduce admin time, especially during peak periods makes for happier staff.
  • Automated Standard Responses. Queries such as opening hours dealt with without staff intervention.

We transform reporting

  • Improved strategy. Reports makes it easier for management to plan and predict key trends that can help with planning resource and setting budgets.
  • Enhanced productivity. Use reporting to measure performance. We show volume of completed work and average time per task.

We increase deadline delivery

  • Efficient workforce. Optimised teams that are focused on achieve targets and SLA’s.
  • Better Response times. Increasing productivity helps Customer experience delivery.
  • Prioritise and categorise customer enquiries for increased service delivery and improved customer experience.

We enhance processes

  • Improved communication. Be multi-channel, be where your customers are.
  • Better business processes.  Work with us on back end software integrations.
  • Department owned solution. Changes implemented quickly without bogging down IT departments.

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